Rich Frank | CapGemini – Director, North America P&C Business Unit – Textron Account Manager

“Ron Krönen brings a unique perspective, a seasoned repertoire, and a laser focus on results and the ability to bridge the needs of candidate and employer to a successful conclusion. The work Ron did for me in recruiting for our account Textron, upwards of six (6) senior technology specialists over the past two months, was nothing short of miraculous. I have the highest regards for Ron as a person and as a professional and would highly recommend him to anyone requiring his services; especially those with impossible needs with little time for execution. Ron is the master.”

With gratitude and respect,

Rich Frank

Robert E. Parkinson | CapGemini – Director, SAP – Textron Bell Hellicopter

“I’ve worked with a lot of recruiters during my 13 year tenure as an SAP Basis Consultant – some good, some average, some not so good. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first when I received a call from Ron, indicating an interest in my extensive SAP Basis background. I thought, okay, here we go again – another recruiter trying to convince me that I should be represented only by him, and that he could deliver the exact position I was looking for. I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised at what was to follow with his client CapGemini and the project at Textron.

There was something very different about the way Ron and I began establishing dialogue. For one, when he said he would market me in such a way that would bring my skills to the forefront, he meant it. When he said he would “get back to me” or “call me” at a particular time, he did. He wasn’t just giving me lip service, he followed through – even at times he was on vacation – to ensure that an open channel of communication was always maintained.

This is the first testimonial I have ever written for a recruiter, and for good reason. None have ever come close to the honesty, commitment and hard work that Ron has shown me. He sets the bar for others in this industry to follow. Most will never come close to the high standards that Ron exhibits in his profession. Why, because most don’t get it. Ron gets it. He is not only the man who has placed me on a very successful engagement with Cap Gemini, he has become my friend. Thank you Ron – for not forgetting one of the very most important aspects that you bring to your profession – a very caring, personable and humanistic approach to your clients.”


Robert E. Parkinson

Bill Morton | Associate of Booz Allen Hamilton & Former Sr. Manager of Capgemini Government Solutions 

“Ron is an outstanding professional in Executive Search. He consistantly provides high quality candidates, and often candidates that are difficult to find or overlooked by others. He works hard to understand not only the requirements for a position, but the process by which his clients evaluate candidates as well as their personal values that they bring to the evaluation process.

This professional and personal approach provides unique value and outstanding client service. Ron’s personal integrity in the process is outstanding which makes working with him both a pleasure and an enjoyable experience. In these times where loyalty and integrity are often in short supply, Ron not only is an outstanding example of a business partner, but a professional with whom I am proud to call a valued business advisor.”

Bill Morton

Amos Tunsil | General Dynamics – Principal Systems Administrator

Ron is a highly effective recruiting executive. He specializes in filling those rare and hard-to-fill positions that other firms can’t handle. He’s an outstanding leader and mentor to his staff and subordinates.

Amos Tunsil